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Membership is open to any person owning a

  1. Caravan (all types)
  2. Motor home
  3. Camper van
  4. Camper Trailer
  5. Fifth Wheeler

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Fee Structure

  • Joining fee is $5.00 per person
  • Annual fee is $10.00 per person

Rig Fee

The Club follows a user pays philosophy so when you attend a muster you are asked to pay a 'Rig Fee' of $5 for weekend musters and Mystery Tagalongs.  A 'Rig Fee' is $1 each day of the full itinerary for Long Paddock Drives. (e.g. a 65 day trip is a $65 rig fee).  These Rig Fees are reviewed annually and voted on by the membership at the annual general meeting.   Rig Fees are not imposed on events not involving rig towing.

Membership Enquiry

Membership Officer:          Alwyn Clark          Email

Membership Information Package

To enable a fuller understanding on how the Club works, please read this publication

Member Familiarisation Booklet

Please Note: 

Apple computers are not compatible with Windows technology and submitting the below registration form may be difficult.   If this occurs please download the Membership - Word doc and submit to Email



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