Musters & Events

Calendar of Events

The calendar extends over three years with dates and activities programmed to assist members with holiday, family and work priorities.  Locations of events may change but dates normally don't unless local conditions/events require a date change.

Muster & All Event Attendance Protocol

  1. Complete the registration forms on the bottom of the various pages. 
  2. Check the 'Attendance Worksheet' on 'Members Page' to ensure your registration has been processed.
  3. Please do not go direct to a caravan park/event organiser to book unless specifically stated to do so on the event information.
  4. If you have registered to go and then find you cannot attend, it is your responsibility to advise the Office of non attendance.  Failure to do so will require you pay site fees, meals and events booked in your name


Our Club focus is on ‘long weekend’ musters every 5-7 weeks, with lunches and/or family day outings in-between musters.

Our long weekend ‘core days’ are Friday to Sunday but you are able to include additional days.   'Core Days' are days when Club activities are organised for members to attend if they desire to.

Musters are not held during Queensland School Holidays, however CCQ does hold its annual muster during school holidays to allow families within CCQ affiliated clubs to have a holiday.  Our Club members are welcome to attend these occasions.

Upcoming events  (Finalised organisation) 

These are 'core days' and additional days on each muster can be organised

Mystery Tagalongs

The Club runs Mystery Tagalongs at various times during the year for members and guests.  A Mystery Tagalong normally takes around 14 days to run and overnight locations could be budget camp sites, showgrounds, van parks, river banks or behind hotels.

Attendees are provided with a slip of paper either

  • each morning, showing where you need to be at the end of the day, or
  • half daily, showing where you need to be at lunchtime and then overnight

Prior information is given to attendees on rig, personal requirements and the total distance - but that is about all.

Pets and drones are not allowed on Mystery Tagalongs due to National and State Parks and indigenous sensitive area restrictions.

Coffee Mornings

The Club runs a coffee morning on a set day each month on a rotational basis. The three locations are at Sandgate, Mount Gravatt and Harbourtown (Gold Coast).  These locations are along the main highway to allow easy access for all members.    You do not need to be a member to join in on these days. informal events.   There is no compulsion to attend these events.

Link to coffee morning locations


The Club organisers dining events at restaurants, clubs and members homes.   When at a members home, the homeowner offers to provide the meal at a cost per head or members supply their own.   

Everyone is invited to attend these events and there is no compulsion to join in.

Link to Dining events 


The Club organises day events for our membership.   These events are outside our normal muster activity and are an opportunity for members to attend if they so wish. Boat cruises, historical walks and some of these events.

Link to events

Who Can Attend?

Our musters, mystery tagalongs and day events are open to club members, their family and friends as well as members of other caravan clubs.

Members of the general public are also welcome to attend and see how our Club operates.

Event Booking Protocol

The Club newsletter publicises upcoming events and the website has flyer and update information on the 'Musters & Events' drop down.  

If you wish to attend a muster or event please populate the Registration Form at

You do not need to contact caravan park or event organisers to book in as this is done on your behalf by the Club office.  Members need to check the "Attendance Status Report" located at "Members Only" to confirm their attendance has been recorded.

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Photo:   Muster at Thunderbird Park, Gold Coast Scenic Rim

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