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Each year the Club undertakes a Long Paddock Drive that encompasses planned itineraries, pre-booked, negotiated discounted accommodation, events and tours.

A support team is part of the Drive to assist Roustabouts as well as manage the Drives’ administrative and operational requirements on a daily basis.

The Long Paddock Drive is in keeping with the outback station theme.

  • In 2015 we “drove” a mob of ten caravans on a 35 day Outback Queensland trek that included the Birdsville Races and Lightning Ridge.
  • In 2016, the Long Paddock Drive was a much longer 65 day trip with 21 caravans to the Flinders Ranges and Central Australia.
  • In 2017 we undertook a 24 day trip to south west Queensland visiting towns as far west as Eromanga and Noccundra.
  • In 2018, two trips were undertaken, the first a 36 day trip across Australia via the 'Outback Way' and a 49 day trip to South Australia, Kangaroo Island and Murray River 

Our Long Paddock Drives are planned and organised at least three (3) years in advance and are usually limited to a maximum of 20 rigs.

Expressions of Interest 

Members thinking of attending may register an Expression of Interest up to a year prior to the Drive. Expressions of Interest are not binding, rather, they assist organisers with indicative numbers so discounts and arrangements maybe gained from organisations and accommodation businesses.

Expressions of Interests must be submitted on the Trip's Registration Form or by message to th Office if no registration form has been developed.

Expressions of Interest mean you are updated with preparatory information and you have the opportunity to formally register when the first deposit is called.

Trip Protocols

Streamlining of the registration process has occurred. 

Prior to each trip taking place, three payments are called covering accommodation, tours and events and dining costs.

The process that follows an Expression of Interest is

Around 2 to 3 years out

  • the itinerary is prepared with indicative costs only.
  • Expressions of interest will be called

About 14 months out,

  • support crews are organised;
  • formal attendance numbers for the trip are advertised (determined by smallest overnight location or event participation)
  • formal registrations sought with rig fee and $200 deposit payment

About a year out

  • Registrations close
  • Final negotiations on price, route and events occur
  • Normal call for accommodation payment less the $200 deposit occurs

If cancelling out of trip after deposit paid, a 50% cancellation fee is applied against the deposit paid


How the Club manages trips:   Guidelines - LPD and Tagalongs - November 18 

Alcohol Restrictions:

Food Quarantine:

Remote & Outback Travel:

Rig and Travel Preparations

Long Paddock Drives and indeed many Tagalongs travel through country and remote areas of our country and personal safety is a high priority.

Prior to travel, mandatory and recommended equipment will be advertised.   Here is the basic, but not exhaustive, list of equipment.

  • UHF radio with long range and flexible aerials are Mandatory on all Long Paddock Drives and Tagalongs.
  • Additional fuel and water may be mandatory on certain trips
  • Bull Bars are always highly recommended and in fact animal impact has occurred on all previous trips
  • Personal EPIRB maybe recommended
  • Additional wheels and tyres maybe recommended


Here is a budget calculator you may find assists you with budgeting for long trips

LPD - Budget Calculator

Specific Information

Specific information, brochures, itineraries and updated information are provided on the Long Paddock drop-down tab in 'Members Only'.

Further information can be gained by contacting: Long Paddock Drive Coordinator: Email


National and State Parks do not allow pets, therefore, pets are not allowed to accompany their parents on Long Paddock Drives and Tagalongs

An Awesome Sight

Those attending the 2016 Flinders Ranges and Red Centre Long Paddock Drive experienced rain on the rock

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