Queensland Outback Events Calendar:   Flyer


Each year the Club undertakes various tagalongs under the guise of

  1. Mystery Tagalong, or
  2. General Tagalong

General Tagalongs encompass planned itineraries, per-booked negotiated discounted accommodation and possibly events and tours.

Mystery Tagalong events do not provide an itinerary but provide end of day locations the morning before the event.

A support team is part of each Tagalong to assist Roustabouts as well as manage the Tagalongs' administrative and operational requirements on a daily basis.


Tagalongs are managed the same way as Long Paddock Drives.   Please review the guidelines   Guideline V2 - 30 July 17

Pets are not allowed on Tagalongs, Mystery Tagalongs and Long Paddock Drives as travel is normally through National Parks, State Parks and indigenous sensitive areas.

Alcohol Restrictions:

Food Quarantine:

Remote &  Outback Travel:

Specific Information

Specific information, brochures, itineraries and updated information are provided on the Tagalong drop-down tab.

Further information can be gained by contacting:  Long Paddock Drive Coordinator:   Email

Registration (Expressions of Interest) is available on each drop-down detailing specific Drives.

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