Mystery Tagalong

caravan clubDuring the year the Club holds Mystery Tagalongs; a trip where participants do not know where they are going until each morning. These trips comprise budget camping, caravan parks, showgrounds and are normally up to 14 days duration.

All are accompanied by a support crew.


Mystery Tagalongs are 'Optional'; there is no compulsion to attend.   The decision to attend is left to members discretion.

You 'Pay as you go' on Mystery Tagalongs

2019 Mystery Tagalong   (Max 20 rigs)    


update:   3 May 18

  • Dates amended to 13 February to 2 March 2019 (18 Days)
  • Accommodation payment will be called prior to the event
  • Tour fees indicated below are if you decide to do  everything
  • The Club cannot take more than 20 rigs.

This one is for those who can’t make the Long Paddock Drive or who crave some          adventure,  some dirt road travel,  using satellite navigation, free camping, showgrounds, campgrounds, van parks, fishing, walking in bush, dizzy heights and swimming

Costs Approximate (as at 3 May 2018)

  • Rig Fee:     $5
  • Site fees:   between $400 - $600
  • Tours:         $300 per couple
  • Fuel:           $700* approx

*Fuel, diesel @ 20 litres per 100 kms

This trip takes 18 days and travels 2100 kms, averaging 220 kms each driving day so we get to main location promptly.

Recommend walking shoes, swimmers, personal EPIRB, water bottles, additional fuel and warm clothing for evenings.

Flyer - 3 May 18

Itinerary - you have to be kidding.  Just ask Brian or Chris 

2020 Mystery Tagalong

5 to 29 April 2020 (25 days)


  • Free Camping:    8 Nights
  • Van Parks:            16 Nights
  • Facilities:              Available at all but 2 nights
  • Dinners:                No Sizzles (unless spur of the moment) 2 x planned dinners
  • Dirt Road:            Roughly 150 kms
  • Distance:              Roughly 3500 kms

GPS:  The Drover will only provide GPS locations with a backup envelope holding the geographical location

Only 3 people know what is happening  on this mystery tagalong trip.  Support crew will be kept in the dark


All fees are estimated at 3 June 2018

  • Accommodation:   Roughly $700
  • Fuel:                         Roughly $1000
  • Dinners:                  Roughly $80 per couple

Please note:   Itinerary and pricing is approximate as at 4 June 2018 and is subject to change  prior to the event

Flyer - 26 May 18

Registration for Mystery Tagalong


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