Mystery Tagalong

caravan clubDuring the year the Club holds Mystery Tagalongs; a trip where participants do not know where they are going until each morning. These trips comprise budget camping, caravan parks, showgrounds and are normally up to 14 days duration.

All are accompanied by a support crew.


Mystery Tagalongs are 'Optional'; there is no compulsion to attend.   The decision to attend is left to members discretion.

You 'Pay as you go' on Mystery Tagalongs

Mystery Tagalong - Roustabouts & CCQ  

Dates:     4 to 25 June 2019

Perfect trip for our newer members.  Suitable for all rigs

This Mystery Tagalong is designed to show other Clubs how we organise and manage an event.  It is a repeat of a previously run long paddock drive or mystery tagalong.

Registrations from CCQ Clubs have been very slow so the trip is now open to our members as well.  Just remember, it's a trip previously done.

Maximum number of rigs is 25.

Indicative Costs:   See Flyer

Whet your appetite

  • Registrations - open now
  • Confirmed with Registration and first payment of $236 per couple, $129 per single:   Needs to be paid no later than COB 1 March 2019
  • Second Payment $291 (per couple) $178 (single attendee) Needs to be paid by COB 15 May 2019

Road Travel:  Bitumen & some dirt

Weather:  June conditions will be cool to very cool at night

Flyer - 13 Jan 19

2020 Mystery Tagalong

4 March to 1 April 2020  - UPDATED DATES

 Suitable for all rig types


Attendance:   Up to 25 rigs

* Facilities:            Toilets available at most areas

* Dinners: Drive meals during trip. Communal meals last night at each major location

* Meals: Recommend 7 days food storage in refrigerators

* Water: Tank need to be filled for this tagalong and should be used for domestic purposes.  Purchase bottled water for drinking 

* Dirt Road: Some dirt road travel involved, especially if touring around.

* Distance: Roughly 4,000 kms. Average 248 kms each driving day

* GPS: GPS location placed on ‘peg’ each travel day

* Briefings: Will be held at 5pm, the day of arrival at a location

* Tours: Major tours organised for everyone

* Weather: Days, warm to hot, evenings will be cool to cold

Daily Travel

  1. Ample time to organise independent touring. You won’t need to panic
  2. Your responsibility to determine break stops and sightseeing along the way.
  3. Suggest travel with friends on a daily basis

Estimated Costs

  • Rig Fee - $29
  • Accommodation - $670
  • Tours - $500
  • Meals - $100
  • Fuel - $1400 (Diesel - $1.70 per litre / 20 li per 100 kms)
  • Incidentals - $300

Registration Process

  1. Registration forms must be accompanied by the Non-Refundable Booking Fee paid into the club bank account (bank details on flyer)
  2. The Non-Refundable Booking includes the Rig Fee.  $71 of the Booking Fee will be absorbed into site fees if the member actually attends.  $29 Rig fee will be retained by the Club for trip organisation

Non-Refundable Booking Fees

The Non-Refundable Booking Fee will be absorbed in accommodation fees if a member attends. The Non-Refundable Booking Fee includes the Rig Fee.  If a member decides not to go after payment, money paid will be absorbed by the Club for trip organisation costs.

Payment Schedules

Accommodation, tours & meals are being fully paid prior to departure   

  • 1st Payment: $100 - Payable upon registration includes Non-refundable Deposit and Rig Fee
  • 2nd Payment: $400  - Paid into bank account by: 1 June 2019
  • Final Payment: $304  - Paid into bank account by: 1 September 2019

The payment plan covers full cost of accommodation, planned events, meals and tours.  It does not cover the cost of fuel, unplanned meals and incidental spending. 

Diesel Fuel estimate is worked on $1.70 per litre. 20 litres per 100 kms

Flyer -3 Mar 20 - revised

2021 Mystery Tagalong

30 April to 29 May 2021 (30 days)

Initial information only:

Suitable for 'Semi off Road' & 'Off Road' rigs only 

The trip includes

  • dirt road travel
  • facilities not at all locations
  • free camping, powered sites
  • Distance roughly 3,200 kms
  • Both voiced and GPS locations will be provided on this trip.
  • Only 2 people know what is happening  on this mystery tagalong trip.

Registration Process

  1. Registration forms is an 'Expression of Interest' only at this time.  You will be notified when the non refundable booking fee is required.

Indicative Fees

All fees are estimated at 27 November 2018

  • Accommodation:   Roughly $450
  • Fuel:                         Roughly $1200 (diesel at $1.80 a litre/20 litres per 100 kms)
  • Dinners:                  Roughly $170 per couple

Please note:   Itinerary and pricing is approximate and will be formalised a year out

Flyer - 27 Nov 18

Registration for Mystery Tagalong



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