2020 LPD ‘Dirt’

'Track to Track & Back' Long Paddock Drive


Briefing Session for those attending.  Saturday 9 May 20 at 10:00am, club Southside.   More details closer to the date

The ultimate caravan trek / Includes Marree Camel Race Festival

16 June to 13 August 2020


Please note

  • This trip is only suitable for well maintained, self contained, high clearance semi-off road or off-road rigs.
  • Remote night stops determined by days  progress and assessed every few hours
  • Free camping, no water, no power and no amenities are the norm. 
  • Limited accommodation being booked.
  • No formal tours or Drive Meals organised.
  • Mainly bore water
  • Over 2,500 kms corrugated, bull dust dirt road
  • Includes 12 'Reserve days' for slower travel or inclement weather
  • Includes 'Had Enough' escape routes

Registration Form

Please pay Non-Refundable Rig Fee of $70 into Club Bank Account to confirm your attendance.  Registration cannot be accepted without Rig Fee payment.
Rig Fees are non refundable unless your position can be filled by another member,

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