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Queensland Outback Events Calendar:



Each year the Club undertakes various tagalongs under the guise of

  1. Mystery Tagalong, or
  2. General Tagalong

General Tagalongs encompass planned itineraries, per-booked negotiated discounted accommodation and possibly events and tours.

Mystery Tagalong events do not provide an itinerary but provide end of day locations the morning before the event.

A support team is part of each Tagalong to assist Roustabouts as well as manage the Tagalongs' administrative and operational requirements on a daily basis.

Tagalongs & Mystery Tagalongs

The Club runs Tagalongs and Mystery Tagalongs at various times during the year for members. Tagalong normally takes around 14 days to run and overnight locations could be budget camp sites, showgrounds, van parks, river banks or behind hotels.

A normal Tagalong is to a location known to attendees and is planned by the Office or members seeking others to attend a location or event with them.

Mystery Tagalong are different in that attendees do not know where they are going until

  • each day when they are provided with a slip of paper showing where they need to be at the end of the day, or
  • half daily, showing where you need to be at lunchtime and then overnight

Prior information is given to attendees on rig, personal requirements and the total distance - but that is about all.

Pets  are not allowed on Tagalongs due to National and State Parks and indigenous sensitive area restrictions.

Link to Mystery Tagalong Events

Link to Tagalong Events

Guidelines & Protocols:

Tagalongs are managed the same way as Long Paddock Drives. Please review the Protocols 15 jan 20

Pets are not allowed on Tagalongs, Mystery Tagalongs and Long Paddock Drives as travel is normally through National Parks, State Parks and indigenous sensitive areas.

Alcohol Restrictions:

Food Quarantine:

Remote & Outback Travel:

Specific Information

Specific information, brochures, itineraries and updated information are provided on the Tagalong drop-down tab.

Further information can be gained by contacting: Long Paddock Drive Coordinator: Email

Registration (Expressions of Interest) is available on each drop-down detailing specific Drives.

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