Club History

The Roustabouts RV Club Inc. was established in 2016 when a group of like-minded people who had been caravanning together for a number of years saw the opportunity to share the enjoyment and the spirit of caravanning with others.

From that small beginning, the Club membership has grown dramatically. In April 2019, the Club membership was 112 rigs and comprises quite a diverse range of rigs, age-groups, vocations and interests where members share a common love of the outdoors and of the freedom to explore Australia in a caravan or RV.

The aim of the Roustabouts RV Club is to be one of the most widely recognised, well run and organised clubs throughout the RV world.

This is achieved by promoting the use of caravans, recreational vehicles and the RV lifestyle; promoting unity, respect and good fellowship among its Members; and providing social, dining event opportunities, weekend musters, longer Long Paddock Drives, Mystery Tagalongs and coffee mornings for Members.

Our Club motto of 'On the Country, In the Country, For our Country’, reflects this.


Photo: Morney Rest Area, half way between Windorah and Birdsville, 2015 Birdsville Races & Lightning Ridge Long Paddock Drive

Some members are retirees; some are singles, some are still in the workforce and looking towards travelling and caravanning a lot more. We’ve discovered that our members have interesting and diverse backgrounds and skill sets and these make for great discussions at happy hour, and quality contributions to new projects that we may undertake.

Being a member of a caravan and RV club is a great way to share caravanning knowledge and experiences and you will find that the Roustabouts RV Club members are always there and ready with a helping hand. Prospective and new members are warmly welcomed and quickly made to feel at home.

Club Trips

The Roustabouts RV Club manages its musters and longer trips in a professional manner and has been recognized as one of the better organisations that caravan parks and tour operators have dealt with.

A strong combination of weekend musters, social events and the longer “Long Paddock drives” provides a solid platform that encourages our members to “use” their RV’s regularly.

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Musters: Every 5-7 weeks, an average 3 to 5 day weekend muster is held. We use a range of different locations throughout the year from show grounds, campgrounds, scout camps, National Parks and the caravan park. We undertake mystery tours and utilise free camping sites.

Our muster events are planned three years out and and organised 12 months in advance to enable our members to budget and plan their yearly calendar.

They are held at locations within 300 kilometres of Brisbane and the core days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday, although some members extend their stays. Each event generally attracts around 35 “rigs” and usually on the Friday night a low cost hamburger sizzle is provided and this is well received.

Members are encouraged to participate in a range of social activities at our muster weekend. Sitting around a campfire and talking with other caravan owners makes a great chance for socialising, getting tips on caravanning, being exposed to new ideas, or just relaxing in good company. We also have a Happy Hour each evening, community dinners and many other fun events. Members are asked to volunteer and share the workload for such things as the hamburger sizzle.

Long Paddock Drives & Tagalongs:

Each year the Club undertakes a longer tagalong trip. These are called Long Paddock Drives and encompass planned itineraries, pre-booked negotiated discounted accommodation, events and tours. There is a support team that is part of the Drive to assist Roustabouts as well as manage the Drives’ administrative and operational requirements on a daily basis.

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Photo: Rainbow Valley, Central Australia, 2016 Flinders Ranges & Red Centre Long Paddock Drive

The Long Paddock Drive is in keeping with the outback station theme.

  • In 2015 we “drove” a mob of ten caravans on a 35 day Outback Queensland trek that included the Birdsville Races and Lightning Ridge.
  • In 2016, the Long Paddock Drive was a much longer 65 day trip with 21 caravans to Central Australia which included Broken Hill, the Flinders Ranges, Uluru, Kings Canyon and Alice Springs.
  • In 2017, a shorter Long Paddock Drive of 24 days went to south western Queensland (Goondiwindi, Eulo, Yowah, Thargomindah, Noccundra, Eromanga, Quiplie and Charleville) to support local communities; in particular, support the Eromanga School P&C gain funds for the student body to undertake a holiday to Cairns.
  • In 2018 we undertook a 16 day 'mystery' tagalong to the NSW opal fields for Anzac Day and to support the community.
  • A 49 day long paddock drive to Kangaroo Island and Murray River was held in 2018.
  • In 2018 a group traveled across Australia via the 'Outback Way' and returned via the Nullarbor 
  • In 2019, a mystery tagalong to Mudgee, Jenolan Caves, Katoomba and North Haven occurred over 29 days
  • In 2019, an 82 day trip to the Kimberley region, NT national parks and return across the Savannah Way occurred.

These trips have cemented our reputation for presenting and organising quality Drives. We received many compliments along the route and there were many great memories.

Our Long Paddock Drives are planned and organised at least three (3) years in advance and are usually limited to a maximum of 20 rigs.

During the year the Club holds Tagalongs and Mystery Tagalongs.

Tagalongs are trips organised by the Club to a known location or members undertaking a trip, inviting others to join them.  The Club organises

Mystery Tagalongs, a trip of between 7 to 30  days, to locations where participants don't know where they are going until each morning. These trips comprise budget camping, caravan parks, showgrounds and are accompanied by a support crew.  Normally one trip is organised a year and these are especially popular with members who cannot attend a Long Paddock Drive that particular year.

Social Events

Our primary activity is musters and longer caravanning trips, however, the Club also has a full social calendar offering dining events, social events and regular coffee mornings as avenues for members to meet their friends. All social events are optional.


The Roustabouts RV Club has a Pet Policy that must be adhered to. The Policy allows pets to accompany members, under certain  circumstances,  at sites or venues where pets are allowed.    The Pet Policy  is strictly adhered to by the management committee.


To ensure our Club operations are open, transparent and available to all members at the press of a button all our members have Members Only access to our website.

J’aroo (meaning Jackaroo or Jillaroo),

J'aroo is the Club’s newsletter; is published every 2 months, notifies our members of Club news, forthcoming musters and other events and of the advertisers who support the Club. The Club exchanges newsletters with other Queensland and interstate Caravan Clubs and these are available for members.

In addition we have 'Updated Information' placed on the website and when needed, we send E-mail broadcasts to members. These methods of communication are the quickest, efficient and least costly of the communication mediums and ensures that all members are kept up to date.


The Roustabouts RV Club is affiliated with the State Association, Caravan Clubs of Queensland Inc., and the National Association of Caravan Clubs. This means that a member can attend State, Interstate and National events.


Sound interesting? It’s easy to join. Just fill out the Membership Application at 'About Us / Join the Club' and submit your application. Your membership will be considered at the next management meeting and you will be contacted accordingly.


Photo Happy hour in the desert, 2015 Birdsville & Lightning Ridge Long Paddock Drive

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